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Ways to Give

Giving During Disasters

When disaster strikes, the human needs are of a critical, urgent nature – What’s the best way you can help? 

>>Smart Giving During Disasters

How to Best Support Veterans in Minnesota

With a new generation of men and women service members returning home, donors are poised and inspired to support them more than ever. Addressing the challenges of re-entry in our communities is on the mind of many donors and Minnesotans.

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Charity Walks: What You Need to Know

Special fundraisers, like charity walks, can be a great opportunity for an organization to engage supporters, but there are also a few key details you should consider before contributing.

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Giving Back to Those That Serve

Memorial Weekend serves as a time to reflect and appreciate our military service members. Learn more about a few of our reviewed charities that support veterans services! > Read More

Smart Giving in Response to California Mud Slide

Find out the best and safest ways to help make the greatest difference.

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Shopping to Support a Cause

Retailers will do everything they can to get you to part with your money including making you feel good about your purchases by asking you to shop for a cause. Learn how you can be an informed shopper.

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To date, millions have been raised in donations through text-to-give campaigns for various causes and organizations. Text-to-give is a convenient and quick way to donate to a charity. Before picking up your phone to text to give, here's what you need to know about text-to-give or mobile giving

Child Sponsorships

You've probably seen the TV commercials with powerful images of underpriviledged children in harsh living conditions. Then, there's a plea for you to make a difference in a child's life by sponsoring a child with a monthly donation. But have you ever wondered if the child you sponsor will really benefit from your donation?

Planned Giving
Understanding Planned Giving: “Deferred” or “planned” gifts are becoming more and more popular. While many of us have made direct donations through cash, check, or appreciated stock, the concept of a “planned gift” might seem more daunting.