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Steps for Completing the Accountability Wizard

  1. Complete web form to initiate a new review.
  2. Pay enrollment fee (calculate here). The fee is .02% of your organization's annual expenses and can be paid by check or over the phone with a credit card.
  3. Receive account login information from the Council. Once payment is received, Council staff will create your account and send you the login information to get started.
  4. Answer Accountability Wizard questions and upload required documents. We encourage you to submit the Accountability Wizard as soon as possible, but you have up to 1 year to submit your answers for review*. 
  5. Receive Initial Review Report. After submitting your answers, the Charities Review Council staff independently verifies your answers and sends you an initial review report within a few weeks of any resulting action items. Your organization will be listed as a "Review in Progress" until all standards are met (for up to 1 year).
  6. Address unmet standards. If there are any unmet standards, our staff is available to help you come into compliance. Do not hestitate to contact us if you need more/different resources to address your action items.
  7. Make Review Public. Once you have met all standards, the review report will be go live on the Council's website. A finished review is public for three years from the date the Council completes its initial review.

*If an organization does not submit the Accountability Wizard within 1 year of creating an account, the account will be deleted. Once the organization is ready to begin the review again, it can simply create a new account.