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Annual Report and Communication

Philosophy: Transparency and regular communication about a nonprofit’s mission and accomplishments build trust, increase visibility and provide the opportunity for nonprofits to engage with the community. An annual report is a tool for nonprofits to share their story and for donors to make informed decisions, which leads to responsible philanthropy.

Standard: The nonprofit annually keeps the following information available to the public via its website and/or a written report.

·         Mission statement

·         Definition of geography and populations served

·          Description of each major program with related accomplishments

·          Description of outstanding outcomes and/or significant unexpected events/incidents

·         List of the Board of Directors

·         List of key employees/volunteer staff

·         Financial information including:

o   Balance sheet (including liabilities and assets)

o    Income statement (including income and expenses)

o    Functional expense allocation

o   Total expense for each major program


Note: Annual communications can exist in various formats including: web-based, video and/or printed report. However, this information should be easy to access online requiring less than three web clicks.


PDF Changes to the Public Disclosure Standards   --  View the details of specific changes made to the Public Disclosure Standards, effective 4/1/14, during the 2013 Standards Review.