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Nonprofit Testimonials

Read what other nonprofits have to say about their experience with the Accountability Wizard.

Susan G. Komen MN

"..... Meeting Charities Review Council's standards is truly something that our organization values and believes in."

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Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

"Meeting all the standards has given the organization, from the board on down, a feeling of confidence that we are doing the right thing. What we’ve been doing is a respectful, ethical way of doing business, and that’s where we want to be. Just knowing that is a plus."

Community Involvement Programs

“The Accountability Wizard review offers an independent look at ethics, governances, fundraising etc. It gives donors a measure of confidence that their dollars will be responsibly cared for. ”

~  David Wheeler, Director of Development

PFund Foundation

“A major donor and his partner asked us why we were not on the Charities Review Council list.  Because of the amount they donate we felt it would be worth the effort to do the application process.  It also was a good exercise for us, to pull all that data together.  We feel it also raises our stature within the circle of other foundations in Minnesota.” 

~ Susan Cogger, Director of Development and Communications

La Oportunidad, Inc.

“A donor has donated the same $10,000 for 7 years in a row, but there was one time when we were not in your website as meeting standards.  This donor called me and asked me why, I explained that we were in the process of renewing – has to be done every three years.  He told me that once he saw us again as meeting your standards, he will send his usual donation.”

~ Eloisa Echavez, Executive Director

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