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Reviews for New & Re-forming Organizations

Updated: June 2015

New organizations that have recently incorporated in the last three years or have not filed an IRS Form 990 for the past three years can still go through the Accountability Wizard®. Charities Review Council applauds new organizations beginning their nonprofit existence as accountable and transparent organizations.

Through the Accountability Wizard® review process, we collect data and documents from your organization.  As a new organization, you may not have three years of financial data and other key policies in place. As such, there are some Accountability Standards® that will not be applied depending upon your organization’s age.  With other Accountability Standards®, there is variation with how Council staff applies the Standard depending upon the organization's age. 

Year 1- Is applicable to organizations that have incorporated in the current fiscal year, or have just completed 1 full fiscal year.

Year 2- Is applicable to organizations once they have completed 2 full fiscal years.

Year 3- Is applicable to organizations once they have completed 3 full fiscal years. 

For how the Accountability Standards apply by each year, download the New Organization Review Policy Below: