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Message to Constituents

Dear friends,

This year brought significant change and growth for the Charities Review Council. A new Executive Director, the launch of an annual rolling review of our Accountability Standards, a move to ‘the Cloud’ and five new grantmaker partnerships are just a few ways our dynamic organization is focused on building stronger partnerships between donors and nonprofits in Minnesota and beyond.

The retirement of Executive Director, Rich Cowles, poised the Council to enter a new life phase. At the same time, the Council met a milestone, completing the first stage of its Campaign for Growth. Kris Kewitsch, most recently in Community Relations at Target Corporation, joined the Council as Executive Director in July of 2012, bringing with her new energy, strategy and vision. The Council is ready to take advantage of opportunities to increase our impact presented through change. We look forward to the exciting time ahead for us, and are thrilled to help usher in a new era of collective impact for the philanthropic and nonprofit community. We have embraced what it means to be an institution undergoing a rebirth. We are challenging ourselves. We are striving for continuous improvement. All so engaged donors and strong nonprofits can build a better greater good, together. 2013 is bound to bring even more growth and innovation for the Charities Review Council. We look forward to your partnership!

Here's to a stronger community,


Kris Kewitsch                                     Anita Patel
Executive Director                             Vice Chair, YWCA of Minneapolis