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Save the Date

Our 2015 Annual Forum is September 22, 2015.   Mark your calendars and watch for more information.

Giving During Disasters

When disaster strikes, the human needs are of a critical, urgent nature – What’s the best way you can help? 

>>Smart Giving During Disasters

Meet our 2015 Summer Interns

Charities Review Council is excited to welcome our three new summer interns, Anna Bartz, Jay Corliss, and Siri Ericson.

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Holding Nonprofits to a Higher Standard

Four cancer charities have been accused of using dishonest means to solicit funds from donors and filing misleading financial statements that inaccurately portray the amount of funds spent towards fundraising and administrative costs. The case of fraud is often preventable and serves as a reminder for why the Accountability Standards® are so important. 

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