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Giving Back to Those That Serve


With the recent reminders of the service and bravery of our troops, this month of May not only marks the start of summer vacations, but it’s also a time when we can slow down and appreciate everything around us—our Mothers, farmers’ markets, blooming flowers, and especially the military service members who do so much for us. Memorial Weekend gives us the opportunity to reflect and thank those that dedicate their lives to this nation.

Here at the Council, we often receive calls from donors interested in finding a veterans services organization that is reputable and “worth donating to.” While there are thousands of amazing organizations doing outstanding work for veterans services, it’s also important to be thoughtful and diligent. Before donating to any charity, you can use our charity search and read these giving tips to find out more information about smart giving.

Want to be proactive about supporting military service members this Memorial Weekend? Here are just a few organizations reviewed by the Council that earned our Meets Standards Seal (or have a review in progress) that serve veterans:

Many organizations and companies will be using Memorial Weekend as an opportunity to stimulate donations and purchases. There will be products trumpeting that portions of sales will go towards a veterans organization. Read this article on cause marketing to help you wisely navigate those situations, so that you are always making informed giving choices.

You can also contact a local veterans services organization to learn about other opportunities to show your appreciation and support like writing a letter or volunteering.