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Give Confidently to Workplace Giving Campaigns

A common mantra of the philanthropic world is “know where your donated dollars are going”. But what about when you contribute to a workplace giving campaign; how do you know you’re giving to trustworthy organizations?

  1. Gain insight into how membership organizations are selected by looking up the application requirements on the campaign organization’s website.
  2. Look up individual member organizations in the Council’s Charity Search to see if a review report is available for additional information.
  3. Review both the campaign organization and the member organizations’ websites or annual reports to learn more about their programs and impact.

One example of an organization that strives to assure donors that it invests the money it receives from various giving campaigns prudently is Greater Twin Cities United Way. Greater Twin Cities United Way has been a leader in promoting accountability and transparency in its approximately 200 funded agencies. Not only was the United Way an “early adopter” of the Council’s Accountability Wizard, participating in the process and ensuring that it meets all of the Accountability Standards, but the large majority of the approximately 200 funded agencies have also participated. Additionally, Greater Twin Cities United Way’s Council of Agency Executives has endorsed the Council’s review process as a means of strengthening public trust.

Similarly, the Minnesota chapters of United Ways of America have endorsed the Accountability Wizard for United Ways throughout the state.

To learn more about Greater Twin Cities United Way visit their website:

Another example of an organization is Community Health Charities of Minnesota (CHCM). CHCM strives to select trustworthy member organizations, while also being transparent to donors. As a result, CHCM requires all applying member organizations to complete an Accountability Wizard review with the Charities Review Council.

CHCM values the independent review from the Council as an essential component of its selection process. With a mission “to improve lives affected by chronic illness” via workplace giving campaigns, the review adds a valuable third party perspective about each member organization’s compliance with the Council’s Accountability Standards. It provides insight into the accountability of each organization considered for membership and ensures a broad spectrum of trusted health research and services organizations for donors.

An added benefit of requiring participant organizations to complete the Accountability Wizard is that the review report serves as a valuable resource for donors. Danielle Bakun, Program Services Coordinator for CHCM says CHCM “likes being able to refer donors to [the Council’s] website where all the nonprofits’ information is available”. There is added transparency when donors have the ability to look up each of CHCM’s 33 member charities and review everything from the organization’s mission and programs to its financial health and governance compliance.

To learn more about CHCM, an affiliate of Community Health Charities of America, and the organizations in its network, visit CHCM’s website:

To search for reviewed charities visit the Council’s Charity Search.