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Financial Statements

The Charities Review Council believes that nonprofits that provide information to prospective donors and other constituents promote informed and responsible philanthropy. Donors are better able to make decisions when they can learn a nonprofit’s purpose, who governs it, how it manages its financial resources, whom the nonprofit serves, and what progress it has been made toward achieving its mission.  The Council also believes that public disclosure of financial information demonstrates a nonprofit’s commitment to transparency and building public trust.  (Read more about our Accountability Standards, particularly Financial Transparency and Public Information & Annual Reporting.) 

Please download and review our 2012 Audited Financial Statements and 2012 IRS Form 990.  If you have any questions or would prefer a printed copy, please contact Amy Sinykin, Associate Director.  

Our annual report is available online in June of each year, as well.

Our most recent IRS FORM 990, Audited financial statements, and Common Report are listed below. (Previous years IRS FORM 990 and Audited financial statements can be downloaded here.)