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Main Office and Drop Off Locations
1715 Yankee Doodle Road
Suite 301
Eagan, MN  55121
Main Phone: (651) 452-7940
Donated Goods Info: 651-452-7940
Fax: (651) 681-7115
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Mission Statement
The CaringBridge mission is to amplify the love, hope, and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier. CaringBridge is a nonprofit offering many ways for people to care for each other during any type of health event. People are able to stay connected, leave hopeful messages, and offer support. CaringBridge offers personal Sites, a SupportPlanner and an online volunteer community, the Amplifier Hub. Thanks to those who donate, CaringBridge is available to anyone, anywhere at no cost.

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More on non-cash donations to this charity.

This charity accepts the following types of donated goods
NEW: Other
Sold to Raise Funds
Stock that has appreciated in value is one of the most popular assets used to make charitable gifts, once it has been held for a minimum of a year. Making a gift of stock gives you the chance to realize tax benefits while helping bolster our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion worldwide. You may instruct brokers to transfer securities for charitable contributions to CaringBridge's account at Bremer Investments Services by filling out this form. Please notify Jennifer Foth of your intended transfer to ensure your gift acknowledgement. We are unable to acknowledge gifts of stock received without your information. Jennifer can be reached at 651-789-6406 or View the online Gifts of Stock Guide.
Used Automobiles
Sold to Raise Funds
Donate your car to CaringBridge. We partner with Vehicle Donations to Any Charity (V-DAC), a free, convenient service for converting your extra car, truck or RV into a tax deductible donation benefiting CaringBridge. Donate online using the V-DAC website or call 877.999.8322 to make your donation.