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Donating Goods to Charity

Goods Donation

For some information about donating goods to charity, and a short list of organizations that accept goods, please see our blog post on the subject.

Charities Review Council does not maintain a database of organizations that accept donated goods, but is happy to provide the additional information below.

  • Are the items in good condition? If charities are forced to pay for disposal of items in poor condition, they will have to spend precious resources on trash removal of unuseable donated items, money that would otherwise be spent on programs and services. Tax deductions will be allowed only for items in good condition.
  • Is your donation tax deductible? Generally,donations to organizations recognized by the IRS as 501(c)3 organizations are tax-deductible. However, there are exceptions. Also, when an organization is labeled “tax-exempt,” this does not necessarily mean that the donation is tax-deductible.
  • Who determines the value of donated goods? The charity accepting your donation of household goods and clothing does not set a valuation on your donation. It is your responsibility as the donor to determine the value of your donation. Need help in estimating the value of donated goods? Check out the helpful Goods Donation Valuation Guide.
  • Need pick up or drop off services? Some charities are willing to pick items up; others require donors to drop them off. Keep in mind organizations that pick up items may not be immediately available to come to your house.
  • Donating a vehicle? Donating a vehicle is more complicated than donating material goods. Your tax deduction is determined by how a charity uses your auto donation. For a list of basic information you should know before donating automobiles or for tips to determine your tax deduction when donating an automobile, click here.