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Capacity Building Services

Increasingly, both funders and nonprofits are recognizing the value of an Accountability Wizard Review as a capacity building tool.  Funders recognize that grantees that meet all of the Council’s Accountability Standards are better able to carry out their mission and justify financial support. And nonprofits know that getting their house in order allows them to devote their attention to mission. In providing these services, the Charities Review Council works with funders and their grantees to prepare nonprofits to meet all standards and earn the Meets Standards seal, prior to participating in a review.

Benefits of an Accountability Wizard review for nonprofits include the opportunity to:

  • Access the Council’s technical assistance to align organizational practices and procedures with the Accountability Standards;
  • Engage nonprofit board and staff in accountability issues, in order to create a shared culture of accountability and transparency; and
  • Build trust with donors by demonstrating accountability and transparency through a public review on the Smart Givers Network website ( and inclusion in the Council’s semiannual Smart Giver Newsletter.

Contact us to find out more about leveraging our Capacity Building Services! or 651-224-7030