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As we pull out of this recent economic slump, nonprofits are faced with significantly reduced resources while trying to meet the rapidly growing needs of their constituents. During this turbulent time, nonprofits, the vast majority of which are small and medium sized organizations, need places to which they can turn for timely information, advice, and trainings about sound practices to ensure their vitality, and help them tell their stories. They must earn the public’s trust and build the necessary support to bring about positive changes in our communities.

The Charities Review Council is poised to help fulfill this need in an affordable and effective way on a much broader scale than currently is the case. In fact, serving these small and mid-sized, a locally-based nonprofit is our niche.

Resources dedicated to organization-building will enable the Council to thoughtfully and responsibly make our own infrastructure more robust so that we can effectively provide assistance to a much broader array of nonprofits in strengthening their capacity.

Council’s Approach to Solution

The Charities Review Council has reached a critical point in our progress toward pursuing our mission; we have reached the donors and nonprofits that we are able to reach, given our current level of resources and staff capacity – but the opportunity exists to serve many more. The ultimate community benefit of expanding our services in a thoughtful, responsible way will be a healthier sector, working toward more vibrant communities.

We have put time and effort into partner exploration, and have ascertained that there is strong interest in our services on a larger plane, but we simply do not have the current capacity to get there. The current research-based fee structure is such that we can’t simply grow our way to greater business, as the fees require subsidy from grants and contributions.

Funders have invested in helping the Charities Review Council develop sophisticated products that are unique offerings on a national scale. We are poised to use these to pursue a significantly broader impact.

With increased resources, we will pursue three key strategies for strengthening our infrastructure:

  1. Sector research – In order to appropriately align our resources with sector demand, we will more comprehensively and proactively stay in-tune with the constantly changing nonprofit and philanthropic information marketplaces.
  2. Business planning - In order to broaden the impact of our programs, we will develop a business plan that affords innovative and farsighted program growth, while also building the capacity to be an adaptable, knowledgeable thought leader.
  3. Revenue diversification – In order to maximize the Council’s long term sustainability, we will explore the potential for new and revised earned income streams, as well as major gifts from a broader base of individuals and institutional funders who value sector-wide improvement—given that the Council doesn’t generally meet giving guidelines but strengthens the organizations that do. We need the solid footing and security of a stable and sustainable revenue model to allow us to be a more nimble organization that is responsive to the ever-changing nature of our marketplace.
Impact of Campaign For Growth

The precise effect of this work will depend on what we learn in our research, business planning, and revenue modeling, but some plausible scenarios of the Charities Review Council’s strength and impact after three years—if campaign goals are met—include long-term financial stability supporting one or more of these situations...

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PDF Campaign For Growth   --  A one page information sheet