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Are We on Course?

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This recording of our webinar, “Are We on Course?  The Importance of Annual Mission and Strategy Review,” walks us through the importance of annually reviewing mission and strategies, what should be included in such a review, and the methods, tools, and resources for conducting a meaningful review.

In reality, almost all organizations have a mission statement and related strategies, but far too many of them neglect to review and discuss their effectiveness in achieving the organizational mission.  Every non-profit has a mission, but many do not address the key strategies of this mission adequately or frequently enough.

Independent Consultant Nancy J. Lee explains the importance of annually reviewing mission and strategy.  In this recent webinar hosted by the Council, Nancy guides us through the benefits of an annual mission check, the ways that strategies impact the operation of an organization, and how to format an annual review.

An effective annual review should:

Be addressed in a format that is well-suited for your board members
Be conducted in a meaningful meeting place, such as at a staff retreat, or an area of significance to the organization
Involve all necessary individuals- be accommodating!
Follow an agenda that focuses and shapes discussion
This webinar outlines how to address organizational successes and challenges, assess the external environment, ask the right evaluative questions, and develop effective plans of action.
To hear more about this process, listen to this recording of the Council’s webinar with Nancy J. Lee.