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Archived Webinars

What Donors Want

Gain an understanding about the importance of your organization's web site having financial transparency, relevant information and engaging stories to support your brand's effectiveness to your donors.

Cultural Intelligence

Learn how to improve your organization's cultural intelligence through improving your adaptability, understanding different backgrounds, and cultivating constructive attiudes.

Do Your Programs Work?

Learn how to make your evaluation programs work by clearly defining research objectives, managing resources effectively, and using the methods that best fit your situation.

Asking the Tough Questions: Diversity Assessments

Learn about the process of conducting diversity assessments, and their importance in helping organizations best serve their constitency and employees.

Cultural Proficiency
Cultural Proficiency

Learn how to make your organization more culturally proficient by creating a more effective and culturally-aware communication process. 

Optimizing Your Board
Optimizing Your Board

Learn how to optimize the performance of your board through marketing your organization's board opportunities, engaging members, and assessing the board's effectiveness.

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Are We on Course?

Learn about the importance of annual mission and strategy review, as well as keys to achieving good organizational governance.

Reclaim your Board! Tools to Enhance Board Engagement

Learn about the cycle of recruiting, diversifying, and engaging your board of directors.

Stand Out from the Crowd
Stand Out from the Crowd: Make your review work for you

You know better than anyone the effort it took to complete the Accountability Wizard, but you may be wondering:  “So, now what?  Who else cares?” 

Learn strategies from fundraising coach Lori Jacobwith for using your review to engage your supporters

Characteristics of Financially Healthy Nonprofits

It takes more than money in the bank to ensure a financially sustainable organization, so how do you set your nonprofit up for financial success? View webinar with Michael Anderson, Nonprofit Assistance Fund.