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Accountability Wizard® Conflict of Interest


Charities Review Council (the Council) strives to uphold the values of transparency and accountability while conducting its Accountability Wizard® reviews of nonprofit organizations. Therefore, the purpose of this conflict of interest policy is to establish the procedures applicable to the identification and resolution of conflicts of interest in the context of Accountability Wizard® review process, ensuring that each nonprofit organization that partners with the Council receives a fair and impartial review.

Interested Person

Any director, committee member, staff member, volunteer, or intern who has previously or currently works/volunteers for an organization under review, is an interested person. 


  • Duty to Disclose: In connection with any conflict of interest, an interested person must disclose the existence and nature of his/her interest to the Nonprofit Services Team. 
  • Procedures for Addressing the Conflict of Interest: An interested person is not permitted to verify results for a nonprofit organization that they have previously or currently work/volunteer for in any capacity. The interested person shall not actively participate in the discussion of, or vote on issues related to the nonprofit organization that they have a conflict of interest with. If a conflict of interest should arise, the nature of employment/volunteer participation with the organization under review will be disclosed on the reviewed organization's final report. 

For more information, please review Charities Review Council’s Conduct and Ethics Policy.