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Accountability Wizard Conflict of Interest

The Charities Review Council strives to uphold the values of transparency and accountability while conducting its reviews of nonprofit organizations.  But conflicts of interests do arise on occasion, which is normal.  For this reason we have developed a conflict of interest policy designed to help our staff and board members identify situations that present potential conflicts of interest and to provide a procedure which will ensure a fair and impartial review.  The policy is that: 

  • Charities Review Council staff do not verify results of former employers and current or former organizations they have volunteered with.
  • Board members, many of whom are our constituency (which is considered a best practice) and work for organizations that have been or will be reviewed by the Council, are not involved in the verification process.
  • If a conflict of interest should arise, the staff or board member will recuse herself/himself and leave the room when review results for an organization they have a relationship with are under discussion.  Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed on the organization’s final report