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Become an Accountability Partner

Accountability Partners are funders or institutional grantmakers who have chosen to partner with the Charities Review Council to show their dedication towards creating a healthier nonprofit sector. Accountability Partners play an important role in advancing donor trust by promoting and strengthening nonprofit accountability.

Benefits of becoming an Accountability Partner:

  • Increase the impact you make on grantees:
    When your grantees have a solid foundation built around our Accountability Standards, your funding helps your grantees become more sustainable and better able to carry out their missions. 
  • Access to our Capacity Building Services:
    The Charities Review Council is able to work with funders and their grantees to prepare nonprofits to meet all standards and earn the Meets Standards Seal, prior to participating in a review.
  • Greater due diligence:
    When your grantee completes our Accountability Wizard, you will have access to their detailed review report which provides important information. If they earn our Meets Standards Seal, you know the grantee has a continued commitment towards accountable and ethical practices.

Accountability Partners do at least one of the following:

  • Encourage participation in the Accountability Wizard in funding applications or communications with nonprofits;
  • Host nonprofit meetings to acquaint nonprofits with the Accountability Standards and the Accountability Wizard review process;
  • Include information from Accountability Wizard reports in due diligence process; or
  • Participate in the Accountability Wizard (for funders who raise funds from the public, such as community foundations and federated campaigns).

Contact us to find out more about becoming an Accountability Partner!

View our current list of Accountability Partners HERE.