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2012 Accomplishments and Impact

Nonprofit Services: Strengthening nonprofits by building accountability into their governance and operations

  • Grantmaker Services engaged more than 100 organizations with 5 new partnerships
  • 310 sector leaders and donors joined us for our Annual Forum
  • 80% of reviewed nonprofits report that the process strengthened their organization
  • 96% of Accountability Wizard webinar participants reported increased learning
  • Over 500 organizations now "Meet Standards"

Donor Services: Empowering donors to make informed, thoughtful giving decisions

  • 2137 donor support calls answered
  • 51% increase in use of the Smartgivers' online Charity Search
  • 91% of surveyed donors reported that our information helps them in their giving decisions

Growth: Investing in technology, infrastructure and programming to increase strength and capacity across Minnesota and beyond

  • 3 new staff members
  • $155,000 earned from new partnerships
  • 60,260,414 people served by the organizations we strengthen

Leading by Example: Seeking greater financial strength, modeling transparency and continuing to be accountable.

  • 27% of nonprofits served work in ethnically diverse communities
  • 11 diversity lunches co-hosted
  • 45% of organizations going through the review process did not meet the Diversity and Inclusion Standard on first pass. With our help, 100% of those organizations met the Diversity and Inclusion Standard by the end of 2012.
  • 100% of staff engaged in social media
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