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The Issues

Here are some issues and causes that you can become involved in.






Everyday on Minnesota streets, thousands of children and adults are hungry and/or homeless. If you like to work with people and help organizations run efficiently, you could serve meals, sort clothes or perform other housekeeping duties at a shelter. Do you like to be outdoors, know how to use a hammer or paint brush, or enjoy yard work? There are an abundance of volunteer opportunities for working with people, things and organizations.


Unfortunately, violence is a frequent problem in our lives and it comes in all shapes and forms; from violence acted out on television, to behavior that is racist or sexist, to conflicts developing into violence that causes serious injury or even death. Youth can play an important role in helping peers learn to solve conflict in safe and healthy ways as volunteer peer educators. Creative students can produce artwork that challenges people’s perceptions about the impact of violence in our world.


Teen pregnancy can be the result of making impulsive or unhealthy decisions. Serving as a peer educator, you can help teens and pre-teens learn to make safe and healthy decisions that prevent teen pregnancy. Volunteers are also needed to work with pregnant and parenting teens as trained peer counselors and to provide free child care. Volunteers can reach out to individuals or work with organizations that provide after school activities or support pregnant and parenting teens.


If the Earth is your passion, you’re in luck! There are a variety of ways you can be involved in protecting the environment. Do you enjoy doing things outdoors like gardening, landscaping or restoring wild life habitats? Are you the type of person who likes to educate people about ways they can recycle and save energy? There are nonprofits that will welcome you as a volunteer.