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Meet Smart Givers


Read the donor profiles of smart givers -- What are their favorite charities, what motivates them to give, and what advice do they have for others regarding informed giving?

Eric Larsen

"I rely on the Charities Review Council to keep me in tune with best practices and upcoming trends in the philanthropic sector. I know I can always turn to the Council as a trusted and reliable source with any question or concern on nonprofit giving and accountability."

Mike Ducar

 "The Council is an invaluable asset when it comes to learning more about charitable organizations. It is the "Consumer Reports" of philanthropy."

Peter Heegard

"The Council helps me identify and include the right charities. I use it not just for myself, but for others who come to me for advice. It’s an excellent resource for the community. Their evaluations prove that a successful charity can help save money in the long run."

Shelley Jacobson

"We need to treat our giving practices just as we would as a consumer of any product. The Charities Review Council is equivalent to “Consumer Reports” – they do the research work for us on the health and stability of an organization, and we are then able to compare and contrast what organizations best fit our standards."

Jan Mitchell

"I check out the charities I give to regularly when I get the Council’s newsletters."