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More Info, Resources & Links For Youth

Youth Activism Project
The Youth Activism Project,, was founded in 1992 as a private non-partisan organization to encourage young people to speak up and pursue lasting solutions to problems they care deeply about.

The Freechild Project
The Freechild Project,, seeks to build active democracy by engaging young people in social change, particularly those who have been historically denied participation.


Do Something
Do Something,, has a section called, Celebs Gone Bad, that talks about efforts that celebrities can involved with, has volunteer opportunities that youth can find at home, and has resources so that youth can find projects and causes that matter to them.

Youth Noise
Youth Noise,, is the Facebook for youth volunteering.  It is a social networking site for people who like to connect on deeper interests and issues.  Find a cause, search for friends (all under 26) and get involved.  Want to free Tibet?  Got a thing for human rights?  Whatever your cause, network it here.

Free the Children
Free the Children,, is the world's largest network of children helping children through education, with more than 1,000,000 youth involved in its innovative education and development programs in 45 countries.  It was founded in 1995, has a successful track records, received awards, and is part of Oprah's Angel Network.  The primary goal of the FTC is to free children from poverty and exploitation and free young people from the notion that they are powerless to affect positive change in the world.

Youth in Philanthropy - Foundation Center
The Foundation's Center Youth in Philanthropy site,, has information about celebrities in philanthropy, scholarship information, information for adults in youth service, links to get involved, youth in philanthropy stories, and more information on what philanthropy is about!

Youth Venture
Youth Venture,, is a site for young changemakers who are building a global movement for change.  Find videos, teams, blogs, featured members, and resources to donate and to get involved.  Also find other young people who are rooting for similar causes you're interested in!

Idealists Kids and Teens
Idealists Kids and Teens site,, has all the information youth need to find resources, outlets, and support groups to connect  with on the issues that they want to get involved in.

What Kids Can Do

What Kids Can Do,  This is a great site for youth and those involved with youth who want to hear and read great news about what youth have done for the good!  This site promotes perceptions of young people as valued resources, not problems, and to advocate for learning that engages students as knowledge creators and not simply test takers


Youth Grant Makers
Youth Grant Makers,, is a great site for youth to obtain resources on creating a youth advisory committee within a foundation or charity.  With tools and resources on this site, youth can become grantmakers!

Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana
Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana,, is a network of over 40 organizations with the common goal engaging youth in giving and serving.  Find educational and training resources here!


MarkMakers,, is the place where youth want to make a difference!  Youth will have fun in this site!  Using gift cards, kids can shop at the markmakers store for goods and services in need around the world.  They can spread their funds among more than 40 needs/causes such as vaccines, medicine, eyecare, or saving animals and rain forests.

Get Good Karma
At, stay on the universe's good side by earning points by volunteering, registering to vote, or feeding a frog a bug instead of bread.  Lose points by not doing good and you'll see what kind of world you'll live in.