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Mission, Vision and Values


To mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good. 

We envision vibrant and healthy communities for all, benefiting from effective and trustworthy nonprofits that are supported by a well-informed public’s generosity.


  • Build Community: An equitable philanthropic sector values all types of giving and solves its community problems collaboratively, based on culturally affirming and community based practices.
  • Strive for Excellence: Vital nonprofit and philanthropic communities utilize promising practices, continuous improvement, and sound metrics to address community needs, always seeking to be better and do more.
  • Innovate: Together we can build, create, and usher in a new era of nonprofit and philanthropic engagement.
  • Have Integrity: A community of informed and engaged donors in partnership with strong, accountable nonprofits will solve problems together to deliver the greater good.
  • Lead the Way: A community thrives when its leaders fail forward, take risks, elevate solutions, and share lessons broadly in our community and beyond.


  • Advance donor and nonprofit capacity for mission engagement.
  • Elevate impactful and inclusive giving strategies and practices.
  • Increase the number of donors, nonprofits and stakeholders engaged in deep and successful relationships.