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The Lesson Plans: Teaching Youth About Giving

Great Givers

Great Givers now has TEN lesson plans for your use in teaching youth about philanthropy. Complete the form below to download the .pdf of any of them.



  • Giving & Volunteering: Interest teens in giving and volunteering b) to introduce the idea of giving money, as well as time and c) to help teens identify issues and activities they care enough about to sacrifice their time and money.
  • Understanding Nonprofits: Teach teens what a nonprofit organization is and then to deepen their understanding of why nonprofits need both their volunteer time and money.
  • The Face of Poverty: Familiarize teens with needs in the local community as well as to heighten their awareness of the stress placed on low-income families.
  • Informed Giving: Teach how to choose between several nonprofits in deciding where to volunteer and give.


  • FUNdraising: Teaching Kids How To Raise Money Responsibly:  Teach students how to plan, implement and evaluate fundraisers in which the profits will be used to meet a community need.
  • Making Wise Decisions About Giving: help young people determine what is important to them as they decide how to give of their time, talent and treasure.
  • My Time, Talent, and Resources: help students recognize and analyze how they are philanthropists -- by giving their time, talent and treasure for the common good. After determining how they currently use these resources, students set goals for additional giving they wish to do and evaluate their progress.
  • My Phellow Philanthropists: help students recognize the people in their lives who are active philanthropists -- giving their time, talent and treasure for the common good. Learning how others have given of their talents, can open the students’ minds and hearts to how they want to be philanthropists.
  • Hurricane Katrina Relief and Informed Giving: help students learn about Hurricanes and what they can do for victims of disasters. Help them learn how to make effective giving choices and understand nonprofits.
  • Tsunami Releif Service-Learning and Philanthropy: Teach students about Tsumamis--what they are and how they happen. Learn effective ways to help during times of disaster.
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