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Great Givers FAQ

What is the Great Givers program?
  • The Great Givers program is a curriculum with a set of 10 lessons to educate youth on philanthropy.

What lessons are included in the Great Givers program?

How have past educators utilized the Great Givers program curriculum?
Well, educators utilized the curriculum in various ways.  Here are some ideas from past educators who used the curriculum:
  • Activities to help youth develop into strong leaders of the community,
  • Challenge stereotypes of young Latino kids,
  • Material to teach kids about volunteering,
  • Tying philanthropy into a traditional community service program to teach about youth philanthropy,
  • After-school programming,
  • Teaching character education,
  • Facilitating a charity fair at school,
  • Researching youth activism,
  • Presentations in order to advocate for a local charity and raising money and donating to the student group that does the best presentation,
  • Implementing youth philanthropy clubs in juvenile detention centers and alternative schools to help youth get off their destructive paths,
  • Used the curriculum to better enhance youth's understanding of missions and giving,
  • Starting up a youth philanthropy program,
  • To encourage children to volunteer,
  • Developing a plan to educate college aged women on the benefits of giving,
  • To facilitate a local youth group discussion around nonprofits,
  • And more...

Who has downloaded the Great Givers program?
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Philanthropic leaders
  • Troop leaders
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Religious school teachers
  • Nonprofits
  • Youth program leaders
  • And more...
Go here to learn more:

Is download of the curriculum free?
Yes, it is!

What can youth take away from this program?
  • Develop a philanthropic spirit
  • Learn how to contribute to your communities
  • Develop a heightened awareness of human and community needs
  • Get hands-on experience in serving human and community needs
  • Obtain the knowledge on how to make informed gifts
  • Understand that effective and satisfying giving involves developing meaningful criteria for making charitable choices

Why participate in the Great Givers program?
  • Great Givers is a unique program compared to many in the marketplace: The Council welcomes feedback to improve the program, lesson plans, and teach youth not just about being inspired to give, but to be informed givers
  • No hidden agenda - program is solely about educating, not to steer anyone to fund towards a certain group and certain issues
  • With feedback from educators who download our program, the Council could further segment and fine tune the curriculum to various education groups from teachers, troop leaders, religious schools and more!
  • Few organizations and programs focus on the educational aspect of youth philanthropy and the Council provides just that through its Great Givers program