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Great Givers: Youth Philanthropy

Great Givers is a unique youth-philanthropy program with lessons you can download for free.  Great Givers is different from most youth-philanthropy curriculums that exist, in that it teaches informed giving.  Most programs and curriculums that exist educate about giving only, and this program ensures that youth will become informed givers.  The Great Givers program:
  • Offers lessons on informed giving that inspire creative ways to give
  • Incorporates involvement and education through its curriculum, and
  • Welcomes feedback to improve the program and the lesson plans

The Charities Review Council recognizes the need to provide a curriculum for smart giving for youth.  The Council finds that it is important to keep educators and youth in mind when providing beneficial, effective and fun tools and resources on youth philanthropy.


A summary of the links on the top right are mentioned below:

For Youth!

How can young people be involved in philanthropy? Find games, links and other sources for youth to become informed givers.

For Parents, Teachers or Advocates!
Find lesson plans, ideas and links or more resources for lesson planning and on youth philanthropy.
About Great Givers

Find out more about Great Givers and how it can benefit students and educators.  Also find more ideas on how to utilize the program.