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Give Your Time, Talent, or Treasure

On this page, you'll find ways and opportunities to give your time, talent and treasure that can benefit you and your community!

Figure out what issue you care about. Use our Volunteer Interest Survey. If you like animals, maybe volunteering at an animal shelter is for you. If you’re passionate about the environment, consider helping schools and organizations with their recycling programs. Remember, most organizations require youth volunteers under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

Many young people have talents and skills that can be helpful to the community.  Do you play an instrument? Contact a retirement home or a hospital to see if you can play for the residents or patients. Are you an athlete? Maybe you can help coach younger students in after-school sports leagues. Youth who are good at math and reading make excellent tutors. 

Cleaning out your room or your closet? You could give your gently used toys or clothes to homeless shelters, day care centers or disaster relief drives. Set aside a portion of your allowance or money from a part-time job to give to a charity of your choice. Ask your parents to “match” your donation.