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Great Givers: For Parents, Teachers or Advocates

In 2002, the Charities Review Council debuted our youth philanthropy program, Great Givers. Great Givers teaches young people how to be effective givers of time and money. Through Great Givers lesson plans, the curriculum focuses on developing strong habits of charitable giving and volunteering. It also introduces the idea of informed giving—how to make satisfying gifts that make a difference. A key premise of Great Givers is that effective giving involves developing meaningful criteria for making informed choices.

Great Givers began out of concern that philanthropy is rarely, if ever, mentioned when students learn about personal finance. As young adults learn about spending vs. saving, balancing a checkbook, and making wise investments, lessons of effective charitable giving are rarely mentioned. We wanted to change that by conveying consistent messages where young people spend much of their time and could be exposed to such concepts: the classroom.

Encouraging Youth to Become Great Givers

Great Givers gives youth the tools and encouragement to act on this spirit now and in their adult lives. Find out how you can help youth discover their natural philanthropic spirit and become a Great Giver.

Links & Resources on Youth Philanthropy: For Educators

Here you'll find sites with philanthropy focused lessons and other organizations who have set up programs specific for youth.

Partner Organizations

We are grateful for the organizations that have partnered with the Council and have contributed their time and dedication to create the Great Givers program.