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Outcome Indicator Development

  • Outcome Indicators Project; A joint project by The Urban Institute and The Center for What Works.


Effective Capacity Building Report

  • Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations from Venture Philanthropy Partners.


Capacity Building (Nonprofits)

  • Model from the The Free Management Library.


Evaluating Advocacy

  • About Advocacy: Evaluation and Capacity Building from The Alliance for Justice.


Evaluation Handbook

  • Evaluation Handbook from The Kellogg Foundation.


Effectiveness Toolkit

  • Effectiveness Toolkit for Nonprofits and Funders from The Center for What Works.


Program Evaluation

  • Basic Guide to Program Evaluation from The Free Management Library.


What is a Strategic Plan?

  • Strategic Planning Infromation from


Basic Overview of Various Strategic Planning Models

  • Summaries of Strategic Planning Models from Free Management Library.


MacMillan Matrix PowerPoint Presentation

  • A slideshow presentation on strategy formulation by the The Family Conservancy.