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Can Do Canines

Main Office and Drop Off Locations
9440 Science Center Drive
New Hope, MN  55428
Main Phone: 763-331-3000
Donated Goods Info: (763) 331-3000
Fax: 763-331-3009
More on non-cash donations.

Mission Statement
Can Do Canines is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs.

For More Information
(763) 331-3000
More on non-cash donations to this charity.

This charity accepts the following types of donated goods
NEW: Non-Perishable Food Items: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
We will accept dog treats for our training program: Soft treats – Pupperoni, Bil Jac, Zukes, Pet Botantics or gift cards to PETCO, PetSmart, Chuck and Don's, Fleet Farm
NEW: Other: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
Provided to Clients
These are items we can use in our assistance dog training program: Dog Supplies: Gift cards to Petco, Petsmart, Chuck & Don’s or Fleet Farm, Halti - Size 2 & 3, Easy Walk Harness - size Small/Medium, Martingale collars - 12-20" - also called limited slip collars, Auto Dog Seatbelts – Size Med & Large, Raised feeders – 12” to 24” high, Red Kongs - Large size, Nylabones – Giant size, Nylabones - Souper size, Pin Brushes, Soft rubber curry brush/grooming mitt, Shedding Blades, Wire Crates 42” X 27” X 30” or larger, Plastic Crates 36” X 25” X 27” or larger Electronics: Mac computers (Minis, Macbooks, iMacs), PC laptops & desktops, dual-core, Mac OS X 10.5 licenses Miscellaneous: LCD TV, 37" or larger, Home Theater system for meeting room, Gasoline cards, Office supplies (paper, markers, stamps), Bleach, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, Gift cards to grocery and office supply stores
Office Furniture: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
Office cubicles, desk chairs, 6' and 8' folding tables, filing cabinets, shelving units
Used Appliances: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
Can Do Canines accepts used appliances that are in good working order to be used in our training program. Some items needed are: Commercial Convection Oven, Elliptical Exercise machine, Gas powered Power Washer
Used Automobiles: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
Sold to Raise Funds
Can Do Canines accepts automobiles in good working order that will be sold to benefit the organization's programs. Our training program can use a Minivan and small Station Wagon for dog transportation needs.
Used Clothing: Pick Up and Drop Off Available
We can accept clean, used towels for our dog grooming area.

Drop-off Locations
  • 9440 Science Center Drive, New Hope, MN 55428