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How to Choose Charities to Support


Pick an issue you really care about. Whether it’s curing breast cancer, feeding the hungry in Africa, or your own neighborhood, brainstorm all of the causes that lie close to your heart. Once you have determined the cause, use our Charity Search to streamline your search, accessing lists of organizations that relate to your interests.

Investigate the organization’s mission statement and programs. An organization should have a strong mission statement that defines its cause, and a solid description of its programs, so you can be sure of what your money supports. Check out the Council’s mission statement, as an example. 

Check to see if the Council has reviewed the organizations you’ve selected. Visit our  Charity Search to view our listing of reviewed organizations. Don’t fret: if you don’t see an organization listed, contact us at the Council to get more information.

Look for the Council's Meets Standards seal. Charities earn the Council’s Meets Standards seal by voluntarily participating in the Council’s newly launched online assessment called the Accountability Wizard. It is available to all charities soliciting in Minnesota and helps charities ensure that their operations, structure, and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency to their donors.

Make that donation! If you feel confident about the organization you’ve chosen to support, go ahead, write that check and pat yourself on the back for being an informed giver. Be sure to keep records of all donations for your own tax benefits.