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RESOURCE empowers people to achieve greater personal, social and ecnomic success.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 12/19/2012
1900 Chicago Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612)752-8000
Fax: (612)752-8001
Other Names Used Employment Action Center, Minnesota Resource Center, Recovery Resource Center, Spectrum Community Mental Health
EIN 41-0828779
Principal Staff Kelly Matter, President
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 298
Number of Volunteers 750
Number of Clients Served 17,183
Affiliations Chambers of Commerce
General Information
Board Chair William F. Telleen
Number of Board Members 14
Board meetings with quorum 10
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 10
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
Last year, RESOURCE helped 19,188 individuals to improve their lives by seeking employment, recovering from addiction or mental illness, or strengthening their families: • 4,713 laid-off workers and other unemployed or underemployed adults seeking employment • 9,091 parents on welfare working toward self-sufficiency • 909 "at-risk" youth struggling to survive and thrive • 862 adults with disabilities or other barriers to employment seeking jobs and training • 1,096 individuals grappling with substance-abuse problems--most with a history of relapse and many with prison records • 2,517 adults with a mental illness living and participating actively in the community. The 23,899 children of those served also benefited indirectly from their parents’ success in discovering their potential and achieving their dreams.
Current Goals
- Respond to political and economic changes in the way that best meets the needs of our clients - Maintain and enhance the high quality of the services we offer - Continue to develop new partnerships with other organizations - Continue to build our volunteer program to meet program and client needs - Continue to develop as a multicultural agency that provides culturally responsive services to clients from all cultures and backgrounds - Expand current types of funding and discretionary funding - Be an Employer of Choice, expanding our healthy workplace practices and preparing for our future leadership - Enable all generations of staff, clients, volunteers, funders, referral sources, business partners, and others to be fully engaged in our mission - Strengthen our brand and increase our visibility as a leader in providing employment-and-training, mental-health, chemical-health, and disability services - Expand our use of social media to accomplish agency goals - Have excellent space and sufficient technology to meet needs of staff and clients, to promote efficiency and quality, and to ensure excellent communication - Adopt “Green” practices to address energy issues, meet needs of clients and staff, and contribute to the environmental well-being of the community
Community or Constituency Served
People who are unemployed or underemployed, people in recovery from addiction and mental illness, people with disabilities, low-income adults, laid-off workers, veterans, at-risk youth, teen parents, welfare recipients, new Americans, and families
Geographic Area Served
Twin Cities Metro Area, St. Cloud Metro Area, and Greater Minnesota
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $25,430,776 92.3%
Management: $2,029,169 7.4%
Fundraising: $90,679 .3%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2011 2010 2009
End of Year: $3,586,782 $3,581,197 $3,492,919
Beginning of Year $3,581,197 $3,492,919 $3,092,627
Difference $5,585 $88,278 $400,292
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $3,586,782
Based on information provided on 2009 to 2011
From the Charity We appreciate the work of the Charities Review Council in promoting accountabiloity and transparency in nonprofit organizations and in providing an easy way for donors to be assured that a particular nonprofit will use their contribution frugally and effectively.
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