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MAP for Nonprofits

Vision: Healthy and vibrant communities supported by high impact nonprofits and social innovators. Mission: Maximize community impact of nonprofits and social innovators through consultation, training and support. Adopted by the MAP Board of Directors March 25, 2015

Mission Statement
2314 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55114
St. Paul, MN 55114
Other Names Used Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits, Management Assistance Project for Nonprofits
EIN 41-1479097
Principal Staff Judith Alnes
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 14.8
Number of Volunteers 150
Number of Clients Served 300
Tags / Keywords management, governance, strategy, fiscal sponsorship, capacity building
General Information
Board Chair Paul Babcock
Number of Board Members 22
Board meetings with quorum 9
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 16.5555555555556
Major Programs
Accounting Services$689,878
Strategic Services$791,978
Technology Services$291,281
Legal Services$194,670
MAP exceeded its service delivery goals in 2014 by providing consultation services to more than 750 organizations. Evaluations were received from 200 client organizations and we exceeded our goal of achieving 90% or better ratings on these five criteria: 1) increasing effectiveness of organization, 2) sensitivity to culture and level of development, 3) meeting the goals of the consultation, 4) proving ourselves as a resource, and 5) quality of our work. In addition, we exceeded our goals for building leadership in the sector with more than 240 leaders in “Leaders Circles®,” coaching programs, and High Impact Leadership training. An additional 1500 people were trained in our highly successful board governance and leadership training. We succeeded at leveraging our deep organizational knowledge of nonprofit realignments. The Support Center/Partners in Philanthropy in New York City contracted with MAP to train twenty of its affiliated consultants in the practice of realignment consultation. In addition, Judy Alnes was a featured speaker at the New York City conference of 200 leaders and funders to share Minnesota’s success in supporting realignment. Judy Alnes also provided a keynote speech to more than 100 leaders in the Princeton, New Jersey region. We are especially proud of the work we’ve done with the Impact Initiative. The Minnesota Battered Women’s Coalition Impact Initiative process was the most powerful of the four processes we’ve completed. At their convenings, strong priorities for systems change surfaced and momentum is continuing with further support from the Butler Family Foundation.
Current Goals
MAP Goals and Objectives MAP has identified five major goals for 2015 through 2017: Strategy 1. Increase MAP's capacity for growth and impact. Over the next three years four major activities will drive our growth and impact: • MAP will plan and implement technology-enabled service delivery in each of its service areas. • We will set specific goals for our regional and national reach. • Explore options for workspace that can accommodate growth, community collaborations and use of technology in service delivery. • Build a culture of sales and marketing that permeates the organization. Strategy 2: Advance society ingenuity and change by serving as a fiscal sponsor for collaborations or initiatives. In the next three years: • MAP will grow its fiscal sponsorship offering so that it serves 20 to 30 significant community initiatives that are consistent with our aim to advance community health and vitality. Strategy 3: Mobilize community leaders through leadership offerings that impact knowledge, courage, and direction for leading through change. In the next three years: • MAP will refresh its curricula for board and leadership training to increase our reach and impact on the leadership of the social sector. • We will also develop and deliver succession planning training that emphasizes preparation of organizations for leadership transitions. • We will also continue to develop the "Impact Initiative" - a signature offering to help leaders from social sector fields define and implement systems change possibilities. Strategy 4: Facilitate the development of strategies and business models that strengthen organizations' ability to manage change and achieve their missions. In the coming three years: • More than 150 organizations will improve their positioning for mission and financial success using MAP's guidance in strategic considerations and realignment opportunities. Strategy 5: Illuminate sound financial pathways. From 2015 to 2017: • MAP will serve more than 450 nonprofit organizations with accounting services and financial interpretation that is design to help leaders use accurate financial data to make sound financial decisions. We aim to consult with 300 to 500 or more organizations each year to help them advance their ability to operate effectively. While we use common templates in our work, each consultation is customized so that we "meet our clients where they are at" and help each chart a course for their next level of achievement. That might take place through any number of approaches such as strategic planning work, board assessment and development, monthly financial reports or financial forecasting, or evaluating ways to streamline operations. Each year, our leadership offerings will reach more than 1500 people who serve on boards or lead organizations. Here, our aim is to increase courage for bold initiatives and greater impact. With our new fiscal sponsorship offerings, we are prepared to help community leaders launch new efforts to address community health without needing to form new 501c3 organizations. Instead, MAP can serve as the sponsor and speed the time it takes to bring new ideas to the market for testing and improvement.
Community or Constituency Served
MAP provides services to 300 to 500 nonprofits annually. Those organizations, in turn, provide services to all of the Twin Cities communities. MAP's primary community of focus is individual leaders and organizations addressing community priorities and needs in the Twin Cities and the surrounding region. Increasingly, we are providing support to other communities throughout Minnesota and the United States to advance knowledge and learning regarding the value of strategic realignments including mergers, program transfers, joint ventures and parent subsidiaries.
Geographic Area Served
MAP serves nonprofit organizations in the 11-County Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and the surrounding region. Increasingly, we are providing support to other communities throughout Minnesota and the United States to advance knowledge and learning regarding the value of strategic realignments including mergers, program transfers, joint ventures, and parent subsidiaries.
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $1,848,386 83.6%
Management: $297,490 13.5%
Fundraising: $64,722 2.9%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2013 2012 2011
End of Year: $671,471 $477,503 $343,763
Beginning of Year $477,503 $343,763 $398,082
Difference $193,968 $133,740 ($54,319)
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $671,471
Based on information provided on 2011 to 2013
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