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Joyce Preschool

The mission of Joyce Preschool is to provide children from diverse ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds with developmentally and culturally appropriate preparation for success in school and lifelong learning.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 10/25/2011
3400 Park Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 6128232447
Fax: 6128232447
Other Names Used Joyce Bilingual Preschool JPS
EIN 81-0594016
Principal Staff Sarah Clyne, Executive Director
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 9.73
Number of Volunteers 166
Number of Clients Served 125
Affiliations We are a Social Venture Partners (SVP) Investee
General Information
Board Chair Consuelo Cervantes
Number of Board Members 14
Board meetings with quorum 5
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 11.8
Indicator(s) for the Primary Outcome: #1a. 100% of 42 students made age-appropriate progress in Year 1 in the domains of Personal/Social development and Language/Literacy, and 90% of students achieved proficiency in Y2 in at least 80% of indicators across the seven domains of school readiness as defined by Work Sampling. #1b. 100% of 85 assessed students gained skills in 1st language literacy; 100% of 85 students gained 2nd language comprehension skills. For Y2 students: 82% of 44 students achieved second language production (93% of Spanish speakers and 63% of English speakers). Indicator(s) for Other Outcomes: #2a. 100% Parents gain knowledge and skills to support student’s school readiness and work as a team with teachers #2b. 87% of low-income Latino parents attended parent workshops to gain knowledge & skills to navigate educational & community systems #3a. Staff participate in 90 hrs of external workshops and conferences, 120 hrs of in-service training to insure best practices are used #3b. Joyce staff participate in 11 different ECE and professional networks
Current Goals
Indicator(s) for the Primary Outcome: #1a. In the school readiness areas of personal/social development, language and literacy, and mathematical thinking, 90% of 42 students make age-appropriate progress in Year1, and 95% of 46 students achieve proficiency in Y2. #1b. 100% of 88 students gain skills in 1st language literacy; 80% of 42 students gain basic 2nd language comprehension Y1, 95% of 46 students gain 2nd language comprehension Year 2 and 70% achieve 2nd language production Year 2. Indicator(s) for Other Outcomes: #2a. 90% Parents gain knowledge and skills to support student’s school readiness and work as a team with teachers #2b. 90% Parents gain knowledge and skills to navigate educational and community systems #3a. Materials are produced that document Joyce model #3b. Increased exposure to and incorporation of best practices in the program #3c. Joyce staff participate in ECE networks and Joyce is part of ECE & immersion collaborations. Indicator(s) for Other Outcomes: #4a. Approved conditional use permit for both Sagrado Corazon and Windom Elementary #4b. Approved licensing revisions by MN Department of Human Services #4c. Approved lease agreements for both Sagrado Corazon and Windom Elementary #5. Meeting or exceeding fundraising goals/targets. #6a. Curriculum is launched online by January 2012. #6b. Attended 1-3 local, state, regional, or national conferences to market curriculum #6c. 3-5 subscribers engaged with online curriculum
Community or Constituency Served
In our core preschool program, one-third of our population is Latino families where the home language is Spanish. Most are recent immigrant families and nearly all fall below poverty guidelines and require scholarships to attend. An additional third of our population is bilingual families, coming from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. The remaining third of our population is English-speaking families, many with adoptive children from Latin American countries, seeking a cultural immersion and second language opportunity. Currently, approximately half of our families receive scholarship assistance. In the last four years, we have begun impacting a much broader regional community through technical assistance, policy engagement, and the sharing of our model with the early childhood education professional community.
Geographic Area Served
The preschool’s direct service area is primarily south and central Minneapolis, ranging from neighborhoods north and south of Lake Street, with additional families coming from further east and south in the city, and some inner ring suburbs. Joyce has provided technical assistance to communities throughout the metro area and in several communities with growing Latino populations in southeastern Minnesota.
Impact and Programs
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