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HandsOn Twin Cities

The mission of HandsOn Twin Cities (HOTC) is to bring people together to strengthen communities through meaningful volunteer action. The goal of HOTC is to inspire people to become catalysts for community change and give them avenues in which they can effect that change.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 9/9/2013
2021 East Hennepin Ave.
Suite 420
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-379-4900
Fax: 612-379-3104
Other Names Used Volunteer Resource Center
EIN 41-0694710
Principal Staff Zeeda Magnuson,
General Information
Board Chair
Number of Board Members 21
Board meetings with quorum 11
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 14.82
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
• In 2012 HandsOn Twin Cities completed 105 volunteer projects focused on the issue of Education and Youth which engaged 2,420 volunteers in 7,865 hours of service. • In 2012 HandsOn Twin Cities completed 44 volunteer projects focused on the issue of the Environment which engaged 1095 volunteers in 4,927 hours of service. • In 2012 HandsOn Twin Cities completed 197 volunteer projects focused on the Economy and Basic Needs which engaged 4,087 volunteers in 13,282 hours of service. • Through the work of the HandsOn Twin Cities Youth Advisory Board there have been 612 youth engaged in 3140 hours of service. • Managed 112 Corporate volunteer projects that engaged 3,719 corporate employees in 13,946 hours of service to the community. • Provided 105 volunteer management trainings to 1,645 individuals
Current Goals
Goal #1: Develop and promote meaningful volunteer experiences by equipping volunteers to lead others in service, expanding effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporations in stimulating and supporting volunteerism, showcasing service opportunities through community-wide events and communications, and developing service opportunities that meet community needs and educate volunteers on the impact. Goal #2: Cultivate community awareness and engagement by educating people on community issues and inspiring them to volunteer, increasing the number of effective volunteers by making it easier for them to get involved and by being the go to resource for all things volunteering among civic minded individuals and groups. Goal #3: Build organizational capacity to provide volunteer program excellence by increasing brand recognition, diversifying and build funding streams, recruiting, retraining and developing leaders within the organization, continually evaluating and developing innovative programs, and proposing, developing and implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure the impact of volunteers. Goal #4: Meet or exceed industry standards through fiscal and organizational responsibility by continually evaluate and monitor the financial stability of the organization, demonstrating leadership in operational standards and industry mandates, and recruiting and maintaining an effective board that represents the constituencies we serve.
Community or Constituency Served
HandsOn Twin Cities Serves all members of the 9 County Twin Cities metro area
Geographic Area Served
9 County Metro Area
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $748,202 88.1%
Management: $65,824 7.8%
Fundraising: $35,296 4.2%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2012 2011 2010
End of Year: $172,824 $145,330 $216,292
Beginning of Year $145,330 $216,292 $197,409
Difference $27,494 ($70,962) $18,883
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $172,824
Based on information provided on 2010 to 2012
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