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Guild Incorporated

Guild Incorporated exists to help individuals with mental illness lead quality lives.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 12/14/2012
130 South Wabasha
Suite 90
St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: (651)450-2220
Fax: (651)450-2221
Other Names Used Guild Residences, Inc.
EIN 41-1669233
Principal Staff Grace Tangjerd Schmitt,
Tags / Keywords Treatment & Prevention, Nonprofit Services
General Information
Board Chair
Number of Board Members 15
Board meetings with quorum 6
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 6.8
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
In 2011, 790 individuals received Community Treatment Services and 82% of individuals served were living in their own home and maintained stable housing (as measured by the Housing Movement Table administered during the last six months of 2011) by the end of the year. 94% (144/154) of our Residential Treatment clients, who left their homes to be admitted for services, stabilized their situation without hospitalization for psychiatric care. Guild demonstrated, in partnership with Regions Hospital, Hearth Connection, and the Office of Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement within the state Department of Human Services, a reduction in high-cost health services while increasing stability in health and housing for low-resource homeless individuals with complex healthcare needs who turn to hospital emergency departments for ongoing health concerns. In 2011, 173 people received employment services such as job skills training, job development, job coaching, and job support. Rehabilitation Services such as Guild’s Community Support Service Center helped individuals develop, restore and enhance their psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and community living skills. A variety of support and socialization activities were available, as well as a classes and workshops in areas such as Illness Management and Recovery, Nutrition, and Wellness. Individuals can also “drop-in” for help. Guild administers housing subsidies to facilitate access by individuals served to safe, affordable housing. In 2011 more than 220 local volunteers helped Guild Incorporated meet its mission.
Current Goals
The three goals previously adopted for 2011-2014 were: 1. Expand access and grow sustainable services 2. Strengthen financial health and independence 3. Serve the community as provider of choice. A new goal of "Maximize opportunities presented by health care reform" has been added for the current year.
Community or Constituency Served
Guild Incorporated focuses on serving adults who have a diagnosis of serious mental illness and/or whose illness is of a serious and persistent nature. Crisis and short term services may serve individuals experiencing acute distress, as determined by an assessment of mental status and functioning conducted by crisis service personnel. Individuals served have histories of multiple hospitalizations and other difficulties and need intensive support and outreach in order to live in the community. Many have intractable symptoms. Some have long histories of homelessness, and histories of trauma and abuse.
Geographic Area Served
Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $7,235,811 84.4%
Management: $1,028,510 12%
Fundraising: $304,524 3.6%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2011 2010 2009
End of Year: $2,600,556 $1,536,462 $1,357,866
Beginning of Year $1,536,462 $1,257,866 $1,269,753
Difference $1,064,094 $278,596 $88,113
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $2,600,556
Based on information provided on 2009 to 2011
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