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Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

The Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches unites people of faith--and community partners--to serve people in need.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 12/8/2011
1001 East Lake Street
P.O. Box 7509
Minneapolis, MN 55407-0509
Phone: (612)721-8687
Fax: (612)276-1534
Other Names Used Minnesota FoodShare, Division of Indian Work, Paint-A-Thon, HandyWorks, Center for Families, Urban Immersion Service Retreats, Kinship of Greater Minneapolis
EIN 41-0693933
Principal Staff Noya Woodrich, President and CEO
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 80
Number of Volunteers 25,000
Number of Clients Served 358,000
General Information
Board Chair Susan Sands
Number of Board Members 40
Board meetings with quorum 4
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 28.5
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
For the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, 2011 was a year of challenging headwinds as the economic downturn continued to buffet the most vulnerable members of our communities. Because our mission is to unite people of faith—and community partners—to serve people in need, we’ve seen a lot of people continuing to be hurt—through un- or under-employment, increased housing instability and homelessness, and through many of the stressors which such headwinds produce in truancy, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, and so on. It has meant an ever-increasing demand for our services. We were able to impact over 350,000 people throughout the Upper Midwest leveraging the efforts of 25,000 volunteers. The headwinds have affected us as an organization as well with reduced resources from all quarters—public and private. In that sense it has been a perfect storm forcing us, like so many of you, to judiciously balance our resources with ever-growing needs. With a can-do spirit, the motivation and goodwill of faith communities—and others, and the generosity of thousands, we are weathering the storm. We’ve had to be even more innovative and had to adapt some programs and services to fit the new demands and a revised focus. Our board also made some very prudent financial decisions during more prosperous years that have put us in a strong position going forward.
Current Goals
Each goal area of the board-approved Strategic Plan identified key facts guiding the selection of the goal and ways we seek to make improvements to existing programs, launch new initiatives addressing unmet needs, and begin exploration of additional initiatives. The Strategic Plan is intended to address unmet needs. Therefore, not every program is named and has goals assigned. The goals assume a continuation of all existing programs and services as funding is available to provide them. GMCC’s programs are excellent and continue providing essential services to those in need. Four of the goals identify ends we are seeking (preventing hunger, halting homelessness, erasing educational disparities, and maximizing the self-reliance of seniors—in short, seeking the end of poverty). Two of the goals identify means of getting there (increasing capital capacity/structure and reinforcing our entrepreneurial organizational culture). The goals are visionary, and we won’t accomplish any of these on our own, but working together with like-minded organizations and congregations we expect to make significant progress toward accomplishing them. 1. Prevent hunger 2. Halt homelessness 3. Erase educational disparities 4. Maximize the self-reliance of seniors 5. Increase capital capacity/structure 6. Reinforce our entrepreneurial organizational culture
Community or Constituency Served
Since 1905, the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches (GMCC) has battled poverty. We operate a successful family of social service programs focusing on preventing hunger, halting homelessness, erasing educational disparities, maximizing the self-reliance of seniors, increasing capital capacity and structure, and reinforcing our entrepreneurial organization culture.
Geographic Area Served
Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the Upper Midwest United States
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $6,374,346 87.5%
Management: $797,330 10.9%
Fundraising: $110,797 1.5%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2010 2009 2008
End of Year: $7,601,565 $7,963,175 $8,017,271
Beginning of Year $7,963,175 $8,017,271 $8,029,488
Difference ($361,610) ($54,096) ($12,217)
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $7,601,565
Based on information provided on 2008 to 2010
From the Council Even though Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches had three consecutive years of unrestricted net asset losses, in 2008 and 2009 the loss was less than 2%, which meets the Council's Financial Health standard.
From the Charity <p>Since 1905, the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches (GMCC) has battled poverty in MN. We operate a successful family of 33 social service programs and recruit support across denominational lines to help struggling MN families remain self-reliant.</p> <p>Today, we feed hungry families, help needy seniors with household chores, tutor inner-city kids, train volunteers to impact urban poverty, help struggling parents better raise their children, and help immigrant families plant strong, new roots in our community. Our programs include Minnesota FoodShare, Paint-A-Thon, Urban Immersion Service Retreats, Division of Indian Work, and Center for Families. </p> <p>GMCC is proud to meet all standards of the Charities Review Council and looks forward to demonstrating its accountability to the families we serve, the donors and volunteers who sustain us, and the community at large. </p> We invite you to learn more about GMCC by visiting us at <a href=""></a> or contacting us at 612-721-8687.
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