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Community Dental Care

To ensure equal access to quality dental care and preventive education for all. We fulfill our mission through clinical services, preventive education programs, training of professionals, and advocacy

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 1/24/2012
1670 Beam Avenue, Suite 204
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-925-8400
Fax: 651-925-8439
EIN 43-692982
Principal Staff Vacharee Peterson, Chief Executive Officer
General Information
Board Chair Cedric Long
Number of Board Members 13
Board meetings with quorum 4
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 9.5
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
In 2010, Community Dental Care provided close to 51,000 patient encounters—an increase of 25% over 2009. Of our patient base of over 40,0000, 82% are on public programs; approximately 80% of our patients are a minority with 60% of Asian decent; and 66% children under age 18. This past year, as one of five nonprofits statewide, we were selected to receive a grant from the MN Department of Health to pilot an 18-month demonstration project with the goal of improving the oral health of low-income school age children through the use of dental sealants. We were subsequently able to raise the entire budget for this project through foundation grants. In 2010, we provided in-clinic preventive education for 2,570 children (a 47% increase from 2009) and 242 pregnant women (a 28% increase) through our Program for Improving Community Oral Health (PICOH). We provided clinical training for 116 students, who in turn provided services for 2,716 patients (an increase of 51% over 2009) of which 55% were a minority. Through our mini-grant patient emergency fund, we provided 298 mini-grants to uninsured patients totaling $37,982. Of these 38 were children. We completed the purchase of lots near the St. Paul clinic and constructed a parking lot for patients and staff. We updated and refreshed our website. We are developing a quality assurance plan and plan to institute a patient satisfaction survey. We are in the process of implementing an electronic health record system network between our two clinics.
Current Goals
Our organizational goals for the current year continue to reflect our long-term strategic plan goals, adopted in 2010. Specific strategies include: • Expand our new school-based dental sealant program to at least four additional classrooms before the end of 2012. • Expand Community Dental Care to at least one additional outstate clinic site to meet the needs of underserved populations. • Meet our goal of training 108 dental hygiene and dental assistant students and providing training in oral health assessment for 180 nursing students from September 2011 – December 2012. • Meet our goal of providing preventive education to 2,900 children and 120 pregnant women. • Complete our plan to implement an annual Clinical Quality Assurance/Quality Control Audit. • Complete the transition to electronic health records and network both clinics. • Develop an executive director succession plan.
Community or Constituency Served
The majority of our constituency are individuals who require continued access of high quality dental care for the large number of our patients enrolled in public programs
Geographic Area Served
Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $8,257,011 90.2%
Management: $817,986 8.9%
Fundraising: $77,124 .8%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2013 2012 2011
End of Year: $2,578,054 $2,185,854 $1,569,398
Beginning of Year $2,185,854 $1,569,398 $1,149,408
Difference $392,200 $616,456 $419,990
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $2,578,054
Based on information provided on 2011 to 2013
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