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Common Hope

Common Hope is dedicated to promoting hope and opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, healthcare, and housing.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 6/25/2013
PO Box 8228
St Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 651-917-0917
Fax: 651-917-7458
EIN 41-1560297
Principal Staff Shari Blindt,
General Information
Board Chair
Number of Board Members 15
Board meetings with quorum 3
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 9.75
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
Education: We helped provide education for 3,294 children in 2012, paying for tuition, supplies, and other expenses. In addition, we offered educational support of tutoring, summer school, occupational therapy, special education, access to libraries and computer labs, youth groups, and teacher training. We also operated a primary school at New Hope and served an additional 1,590 students at six public primary schools through our School Partner Initiative, designed to improve education quality. Family and Community Development: We partnered with 1,591 Guatemalan families to provide resources and tools to improve their lives. Through a long-term relationship with a social worker, families identified their own unique development plan. We also provided parenting training, job placement assistance, legal services, emergency relief, Al-Anon, and funding for an elder care home. Health Care: We provided 12,192 clinic visits at our clinics in 2012. Services included examinations, lab tests, x-rays, medications, surgeries, and mental health services. Staff also provided information on hygiene, nutrition, and preventive dental care in partner schools. We partnered with other organizations to provide care at our sites outside Antigua. Housing: In and around Antigua, Common Hope partnered with families to build 54 houses that are clean, dry, and safe. We also built 33 vented stoves and 25 pilas, and 31 families received access to basic services like clean water, drainage, and electricity, all so families could have cleaner, healthier, and safer places to live. Family members worked more than 4,535 sweat-equity hours to “earn” these home improvements.
Current Goals
1. Expand the reach of our programs to serve more students, families, and communities. 2. Remove barriers that prevent affiliated students from continuing their education through high school graduation. 3. Prepare children to be successful in first grade. 4. Improve the quality of primary school education in the communities we serve. 5. Develop a new generation of capable leadership among secondary students within the communities we serve. 6. Diversify our funding model beyond our annual campaign for operational expenses.
Community or Constituency Served
Common Hope serves impoverished children and families in Guatemala who want to pursue their education, but are at risk or unable to do so.
Geographic Area Served
Common Hope works in a variety of places throughout Guatemala. In Antigua, our Family Development Center serves over 11,000 people and houses our programs to support public education in surrounding villages. Near Guatemala City, we built a village including a primary school that educates about 600 students.
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $2,929,686 83.5%
Management: $322,801 9.2%
Fundraising: $255,323 7.3%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2011 2010 2009
End of Year: $5,499,170 $5,549,753 $5,422,750
Beginning of Year $5,549,753 $5,422,750 $5,213,348
Difference ($50,583) $127,003 $209,402
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $5,499,170
Based on information provided on 2009 to 2011
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