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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 4/29/2013
690 Jackson St
St. Paul, MN 55130
Phone: 651-725-2682
EIN 41-0842657
Principal Staff Erin Carlin,
General Information
Board Chair Tom Schnack
Number of Board Members 24
Board meetings with quorum 6
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 18.17
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
Research tells us that youth need multiple opportunities to learn and grow at home, in school and in the community. The Harvard Family Research Project calls this “complementary learning.” Combine such research with the Club’s youth development experience, and by integrating high-yield activities in the Club Experience, Clubs help youth extend their learning beyond the regular school day. High-yield programs enhance the Club experience by injecting fun, spontaneity and excitement and create a balance between needs-based and interest-based programs in the Club. In 2012 the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities surveyed Club members and their parents to find out their perception of the Club. Here is what they said: Club Member Survey Results ? 91% said they know how to display good sportsmanship because of the Club ? 86% said they feel supported by Club staff ? 84% said they get along with others the same or better now than when they first joined the Club ? 82% said they better understand the importance of physical fitness and having a healthy lifestyle because of the Club Club Parent Survey Results ? 96% said Boys & Girls Clubs are beneficial to the growth and development of our communities ? 96% said they feel welcome in the Club ? 95% said Boys & Girls Club staff demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being of young people
Current Goals
The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The Club’s ongoing goal is to positively influence the lives of kids by providing them diverse programs and caring adult supervision in a stable environment. Outcome-driven programs address age-specific milestones in individual, small group, and large group settings. All programs focus on one or more of our three priority outcome areas: ? Academic Success – Assists youth in creating aspirations for the future, providing opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement. Activities enable youth to improve their learning, literacy, and technology, become proficient in basic educational disciplines, and research career and post-secondary options. ? Character & Citizenship – Empowers youth to support and influence their Club and community. Youth participate in the democratic process and develop planning and decision making skills. Members sustain meaningful relationships with others and develop a positive self-image. ? Healthy Lifestyles–Develops young people’s capacity to engage in positive, healthy behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, enhance their self-expression, strengthen their minds and bodies, and live successfully as self-sufficient adults. Activities focus on instilling appropriate conflict resolution techniques, setting personal goals, and building resistance skills in members.
Community or Constituency Served
At risk youth ages 5 to 18.
Geographic Area Served
Twin Cities Area
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $4,460,520 77.9%
Management: $635,077 11.1%
Fundraising: $631,569 11%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2012 2011 2010
End of Year: $9,115,706 $7,107,642 $6,313,804
Beginning of Year $7,107,642 $6,313,804 $5,513,934
Difference $2,008,064 $793,838 $799,870
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $9,115,706
Based on information provided on 2010 to 2012
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