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Basic Needs Inc. of South Washington County / Stone Soup Thrift Shop

“To engage the community in supporting families and individuals by providing access to quality used clothes, household items and furniture in a convenient, dignified manner.”

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 9/10/2013
950 3rd Street
Suite 101
St. Paul Park, MN 55071
Phone: 651-458-9786
Fax: 651-458-1090
Other Names Used d/b/a Stone Soup Thrift Shop
EIN 41-1878604
Principal Staff Majel Carroll, Board President
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 8
Number of Volunteers 22
Number of Clients Served 18,994
Affiliations Friends in Need Food shelf (cross referrals) Community Sharing Fund (for Clients)
Donated Goods Accepts donated goods
Tags / Keywords Philanthropy/Voluntarism, Government/Veterans, Disaster Relief & Response, Nonprofit Services, Housing & Homelessness, Aging Adult Services, Children & Families
General Information
Board Chair Majel Carroll
Number of Board Members 10
Board meetings with quorum 11
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 7.09
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
During 2014 we provided $120,362 or 51% of the store’s inventory at no cost. This served 435 children, 511 adults and seniors, community churches, agencies, and other customers to become a bigger part of Stone Soup's service operation in today's tough economy. Of those served, some individuals were homeless. On special days as customers entered the store there are bins and shelves filled with a variety of free usable items. Children loved this, usually finding toys they could take home. We offer 15 items of clothes you pick, for $9.00, some days for much less. Published coupons can lower the price to $3.00! Households with limited or fixed incomes shop at Stone Soup, and benefit from the fine quality of donated gently used items. Every month over 1,500 shoppers came to find basic needs at affordable prices. In addition throughout the store there were free dishes, bedding, and other items weighing 29,078 lbs. plus 180 pieces of furniture, provided to them at no charge. Stone Soup maintained the delivery of supplemental assistance including: free bread contributed by Panera Bread on Tuesday and Saturday, and donated produce during summer months. Our expenses for 2014 were $247,403. Stone Soup is often asked how we pay expenses. Our biggest fixed costs are rent and wages. Store sales help meet a large portion of this. We received no reimbursement or help from State, Federal or local government, or organization.
Current Goals
Our goals are to continue to: expand the goals of our mission; boost our customer base and enhance business activities; provide an educational environment for individuals placed with us for training; expand distribution of free merchandise to disadvantaged families and individuals; broaden distribution of products to community churches & organizations at no cost; increase sales of furniture & products to meet our business expenses; recruit more volunteers for sorting, repairing, stocking items for resale and other activity; offer products of high quality gently used goods at reasonable/affordable prices; promote and encourage the ongoing community donations of materials and goods; continue serving community programs that help reduce the hardship of our customers; make available a positive learning environment for community service individuals; increase recycling of goods to conserve our environment and add to program income; generate more income by selling more recyclables to generate income; develop additional services and programs for families who are in crisis.
Community or Constituency Served
Blue-collar workers, single parent households, immigrants, increasing numbers of migrant workers, Latinos, Asians, Somali, African Americans and more, frequent our store, all trying to make ends meet. Blue-collar workers, single parent households, immigrants, increasing numbers of migrant workers, Latinos, Asians, Somali, African Americans and more, frequent our store, all trying to make ends meet.
Geographic Area Served
Stone Soup serves: a diversified community including all races, gender, religions, age groups, and nationalities; disadvantaged families and individuals; a large population of people who had nowhere else to turn for goods they desperately need; Blue-collar workers, single parent households, immigrants, increasing numbers of migrant workers, Latinos, Asians, Somali, African Americans and more, all trying to make ends meet; Local State Workforce Center to offer a place where seniors and individuals with various limitations, who have been out of the marketplace, feel useful, gain skills that can be placed on a resume, and eventually secure employment; individuals, both adults and youth, as they perform required community service in the store; youth to fulfill service obligations i.e. Confirmation Classes, National Honor Society, ROTC, Scouting Organizations etc., helping them build values through education and volunteerism; Youth referred through the Washington County Youth Service Bureau (YSB).
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $345,200 98.7%
Management: $0 %
Fundraising: $4,659 1.3%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2014 2013 2012
End of Year: $0 $0 $0
Beginning of Year $0 $0 $0
Difference $0 $0 $0
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $0
Based on information provided on 2012 to 2014
From the Charity Stone Soup is greatful to the Charity Review Council for the opportunity to provide proof we are a secure place where the general public and foundations can contribute support. We pledge to use their contributions to provide our best services to this community.
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