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Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

The Wilder Foundation's mission is to promote the social welfare of persons resident or located in the greater Saint Paul metropolitan area by all appropriate means including: Relief of the poor, care of the sick and aged, care and nurture of children, aid of the disadvantaged and otherwise needy,promotion of physical and mental health, support of rehabilitation and corrections,and provision of needed housing and social services. And in general, "the conservation of human resources by the provision of human services responsive to the welfare needs of the community, all without regard to, or discrimination on account of, nationality, sex, color, religious scruples or prejudices."

Mission Statement
Review Completed: 6/6/2012
451 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-280-2000
Fax: 651-280-3994
Other Names Used Wilder Foundation
EIN 41-0693889
Principal Staff MayKao Hang, President/CEO
Number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) 340
Number of Volunteers 670
Number of Clients Served 2,633
Tags / Keywords Nonprofit Services, Housing & Homelessness, Aging Adult Services, Children & Families
General Information
Board Chair Robyn Hansen
Number of Board Members 13
Board meetings with quorum 16
Average Member Attendance at Board Meetings 9.56
Publicly Available Documents Most Recent 990
Most Recent Audit
In FY 2011, 3025 individuals received mental health, early childhood development or culturally specific social adjustment services through the Wilder Foundation programs. For families who have experience homelessness, Wilder’s Family Supportive Housing Services worked to confront the barriers families may have to maintain stable housing. In FY 2011, 904 individuals and their families were served. Wilder increased access to rental, employment and health care information through the expansion of its Mobile Resource Center, which teaches and connects people to technology. Achievement Plus, collaboration with Saint Paul Schools and many community organizations, is in three Saint Paul elementary schools located in high poverty neighborhoods and facilitates a continuum of services on site for our community’s most transient families. Wilder opened its renovated Community Center for Aging to help older adults and adults with disabilities maximize their quality of life. In FY 2011, 1,024 individuals received services through adult day health, assisted living, caregiver support, Meals on Wheels, and health and wellness programming. Volunteers in the Meal on Wheels program delivered 33,762 hot meals to seniors and adults with disabilities in Saint Paul. Over the course of the year, Wilder Research produced 257 reports and engaged 4,301 individuals in events, trainings, and presentations. Wilder Research also worked closely with the Wilder Foundation to evaluate Foundation programs including Hlub Zoo, Project Kofi, Achievement Plus and the Child Development Center.
Current Goals
The Wilder Foundation is a more strategically aligned organization sharply focused on serving children and families, the elderly and the community. In order to advance our mission, values, vision and aspirations the following goals were set for program year 2011/2012: • Expand Wilder’s impact in community and public affairs. The Foundation models partnerships that convene communities, and use solid research, facilitation, and leadership development to catalyze action on vital community issues. • Increase giving to Wilder. The Foundation has the support from the community it needs to build a broad base of philanthropic support and attracts many donors. • Share expertise to reduce disparities. The Foundation uses its mission to share its knowledge and expertise to serve different cultural communities to eliminate disparities and maximize opportunities for all. • Develop and establish services for homeless youth. The Foundation responds to community needs and implements new or best practice models of delivering services and does research that benefits the vulnerable. • Grow caregiver awareness and services. The Foundation responds to community needs and implements new or best practice models of delivering services and does research that benefits the vulnerable. • Define Wilder’s health care niche and develop market strategies. The Foundation pro actively monitors external trends in the private, public, and non-profit sectors that will impact the vulnerable. • Develop effectiveness measures and report outcomes. Wilder effectively generates and uses data to ensure high quality services in all areas of the Foundation and to measure its community impact.
Community or Constituency Served
The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves vulnerable and at-risk people through health and human service programs, community development, and research.
Geographic Area Served
Greater Saint Paul and East Metropolitan area.
Impact and Programs

3 Year Average Expenses

Program Services: $38,933,432 77.2%
Management: $9,962,572 19.8%
Fundraising: $1,544,437 3.1%

Unrestricted Net Assets

2010 2009 2008
End of Year: $3,036,788 ($1,721,957) ($989,857)
Beginning of Year ($1,721,957) ($989,857) $215,231,768
Difference $4,758,745 ($732,100) ($216,221,625)
Unrestricted Net Assets (End of Year), Current 990 $3,036,788
Based on information provided on 2008 to 2010
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