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About the Charities Review Council


Charities Review Council’s mission is to mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good. Through cloud-based nonprofit technical assistance, responsive customer service, nonprofit learning communities, and donor education, we are building a culture of philanthropy where donors and nonprofits are engaged partners, working together toward stronger communities. We take our role in maintaining standards for charities very seriously, reflecting and reinforcing the vitality of the charitable sector in everything we do.

We are donor partners.

The Charities Review Council knows that all donors are investors. We collaborate with both donors and grantmakers to ensure that every precious dollar goes to strong, ethical, and trustworthy organizations. We work hard to support individual donors, providing resources to help you make informed giving choices.

We are nonprofit partners.

We meet organizations where they are. With a combination of cloud-based technical assistance, non-judgmental support, and robust resources, we provide a risk-free environment where organizations can begin our proprietary, innovating Accountability Wizard process to align their internal practices with widely-accepted standards of nonprofit strength and accountability.

We help nonprofit leaders build and communicate their organizations’ internal strength so they can achieve their goals. As a result of our collaborative work with nonprofits and grantmakers, we are able to provide donors with smart giving choices so they can continue to make strong investments with every dollar donated, contributing to healthier communities for all.



PDF 2014-2016 Strategic Plan   --  Learn more about our intended impact with our new 2014-2016 strategic plan.
PDF How We Do Our Work   --  Take a look at the model for how we do our work to mobilize engaged, informed donors, and strong, accountable nonprofits for the greater good.
PDF 2015 Report To Funders: Common Report   --  Read about our 2015 strategic initiatives, our progress and lessons learned.
PDF 2015 Financial Statements   --  Take a look at our 2015 preliminary, unaudited financial statements.